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Investment Club

Chute Investment Club was formed in June 2000, not as a product of some Millenium bug, but to provide a select group of people the opportunity to collectively invest disposable funds which they had available to them. It was also, or even more importantly, to provide a forum where like minded folk could meet, in convivial surroundings, to discuss investment related matters. The Club only deals with investments on its own behalf, and does not deal on behalf of, or advise, any persons other than its own members.

The Club currently meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at the Cross Keys Inn, Upper Chute.

The club does not have an integral ethical policy, preferring to make decisions on an investment by investment basis. Likewise, there are no predetermined rules as to when investments should be disposed of. Some have been held for a very long time, such as Trafficmaster, while others have been bought and sold as considered appropriate, eg Vodafone.

It is important to note that new members would buy into the club's valuation at the point at which they join, so do not automatically benefit from any previous profits or losses. Members leaving do so on a similar basis, their share of the club being valued at the agreed departure (pay out) date.

Inevitably, as with all investments, the value of contributions can go up as well as down.


Chairman: Mr. Richard Vaughan
01264 850230

Secretary: Mr. David Randall
01264 352253

Treasurer: Mr. Barry Caddick
01264 730730

• If you would like any further information on the Club, or would like to consider joining, please contact any of the Officers listed above.