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Last updated:June 16 2021  
Useful Information

Much useful information is contained elsewhere on this site, however it is hoped that the following notes, and hyperlinks below, will provide additional valuable information:

Weather, Trains, Roads and much more......


  • AMBULANCE: Dial 999 and HAVE THE GRID REFERENCE READY (see below). Also quote your Post Code. Residents of Chute Forest are advised to give the address as Chute Lodge, as this is marked on the maps; Chute Forest is apparently not on all Ambulance maps.
  • FIRE: Wiltshire Fire Authority has an intensive mapping system which shows the location of every property, so GIVE YOUR ADDRESS, you will be found. No need to quote Grid Reference.
  • POLICE: The Wiltshire Police Call Centre is at 0845 408 7000. Emergency calls should be to 999.   It is helpful to be able to quote Grid References:


  • Upper Chute telephone box: SU 299538
  • Lower Chute telephone box: SU 313532
  • Chute Forest bus shelter: SU 310518


Chute is now within the unitary authority of Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Rd., Trowbridge, Wilts. BA14 8JN (01225 713000).  Our County Councillor is Mr. Charles Howard (01264 850933) 


BELLRINGING: in St Nicolas Church, 7.45-9.00 pm, Thursdays (John Wood 730685)  Also handbell ringing. Beginners welcome

BUS SERVICE: A Cango Bus operates every day apart from Sundays with official stops, but also with the aim of roaming for passengers through the Chutes.   You must register before being able to book.  Also e mail – for information.


  • Andover Health Centre:324616
  • Blue Hayes: 323857
  • Tutton House / Oasis: 352133
  • Wellum House: 324301
  • Tidworth Dental Centre: 847600

DUSTBIN day: Wednesday with an alternate Wednesday recycling collection.  Bins should be out by 7.00 a.m.


  • Andover Health Centre: 0844 477 2490
  • Bourne Valley Practice, Ludgershall: 400300
  • Castle Practice, Ludgershall Health Centre, Ludgershall: 790356
  • Charlton Hill Surgery: 337979
  • New Street Medical Centre, Andover: 335999
  • Shepherd Spring Medical Centre, Andover: 361126
  • St. Mary's Surgery, Andover: 361424

MILKMAN: Delivers Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings. Terry Strong (889220)

NEWSPAPERS: Can be ordered from Xpresson News (712032) and are delivered each morning.

POST OFFICE: There is no Post Office in the Chutes, the nearest Post office is in Ludgershall.


  • Andover Leisure Centre (324144)
  • Castledown Sports Centre, Ludgershall (404060)
  • Tidworth Leisure Centre  01980 847140


  • Foxcotte, Charlton (358808)
  • Foxcotte, Ludgershall (790609)
  • Pocock, Tidworth (01980 846586)
  • Strathmore (352323)
  • C.J. Hamblin, equine specialist, Collis Farm, Upper Chute. (730272) 

Rowan Cherrington (730260) is a retired magistrate, and is empowered to sign official documents (shotgun certificates, passports etc.)